Justice delayed but not denied, true. Nine years after torching of the Sabarmati Express near Godhra station that left 59 people dead, the special court delivered its judgement against 94 accused in the pogrom that had sparked off inferno of communal riots in Gujarat, claiming lives of nearly 12,00 people. The court held 31 people guilty, accepting the theory of conspiracy behind the burning the coach of Sabarmati Express carrying kar sevaks returning from Ayodhya. The important aspect of the judgement is that the court has categorically mentioned that torching the train was pre-planned. The people who wanted to settle political score over this grievous incident, should feel ashamed after the court verdict. They left no stone unturned to prove it mere an accident. It is profound irony that a committee was constituted to make report for debunking the truth of wanton killing of innocent people. The moot point is that all these were done with the help of the Central dispensation. Fair enough, the victims of Godhra carnage got justice, but what about those who consolidated their vote banks by playing political brinkmanship and deceiving the nation as well? It is good the Godhra pogrom was investigated by the SIT constituted by the Supreme Court, otherwise the cock and bull story would have woven to malign the Gujarat government. Some of them are still advocating that why 63 people, who were acquitted by the court, were arrested? Undoubtedly, there is no sense in this proposition.

The verdict might not have comforted those who were best to prove the incident as an accident. In a democracy different political parties have right to dissect a judgement with their own scalp, but they should restrict themselves from showing political parochialism. As the Godhra carnage could not be forgotten, the pogrom in Gujarat, which trailed the train burning, would also not take sepia colour in the memory. A blood for blood culture in not acceptable for any civilized society. The aftermath of Godhra could not be justified. If the Godhra incident created panic, the bloodshed that followed shamed the nation.  The Congress and the BJP started mudslinging after the verdict, which is disappointing as both the parties committed wrong. It seems that our political parties have decided not to accept their mistakes that will be sinister for resurging secular India.