New Delhi: Threatening to quit as the member of Lokpal Bill drafting committee, Justice Santosh Hegde, who is facing political allegations from Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh, lashed out at Sonia Gandhi on Friday for supporting her party members in tarnishing his image.

Digvijay Singh on Thursday had pointed out at Hegde by saying that he had failed to control corruption in Karnataka.

While talking to Dainik Jagran, Karnataka Lokayukt Justice Hegde claimed that one by one all the members of the panel are being targeted. "I am apolitical and committee member from Civil Society and do not belong to any political party. First, they made a futile effort to target Anna Hazare. Then next on target was Shanti Bhushan. While Arvind Kejriwal was too smart for them, I am their latest target”, he said.

Aiming at Sonia, Hegde said he is upset by the vilification campaigns. “On one hand, Sonia Gandhi claims that she is against such a campaign and on the other she refuses to pull up her colleagues who have been stooping to the lowest level possible to degrade anyone”, he said.

Otherwise how is it possible that Digvijay Singh, who at one point was ignorant about my existence, woke up to the issue of corruption in Karnataka, Hegde questioned.

While trying to figure out the possible reasons for such accusations, Hegde said it appears that Congress wants me to support them in their campaign against Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. “But, they need to understand that it is their job, not mine”, Hegde said.

Hegde further said he is rethinking about resigning from the joint drafting committee on Lokpal Bill. “I will take the decision after discussing the issue with the other members of the panel on Saturday,” he cleared.

He also said that Anna while talking to him on phone asked him to reconsider his decision and not quit. However, Hegde admitted that he was very sensitive where his self-respect and image was concerned.

Justice Hegde’s past reveals similar situations where he was sensitive to accusations and decided to resign. In June 2010 he was ready to tender his resignation over the allegations made against him in the illegal mining case. But, it was only because of BJP senior leader LK Advani that he took back his decision.