New Delhi: Political parties should unanimously adjourn discussions on Lokpal Bill till elections to five states are over so that the debate on the legislation can be held in a "sober" atmosphere to arrive at a consensus, former Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajindar Sachar said.

He said the parties should "unanimously agree to adjourn the discussions (on Lokpal)...(till) the pressure of the Uttar Pradesh elections is over, with a pledge to pass the legislation as first item when Parliament begins the next session".

Sachar also alleged the government's "furtive" slip in of various quotas including the minorities was a deliberate ploy with an eye to Uttar Pradesh elections, notwithstanding the doubt on legality expressed by jurists.

"Why this non-issue was loud mouthed unless it is a device to stall Lokpal legislation?" he asked in an article, according to a release from People's Union for Civil Liberties.

He also punched holes in the Lokpal Bill, passed by Lok Sabha, with regard to the selection process of CBI director.

"Surprisingly, notwithstanding bitter wrangling on other aspects, all members of Parliament are unanimously agreeing to keep themselves immune from the ambit of Lokpal," he said.