London: Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has agreed to hold a private concert for David and Victoria Beckham's children if the soccer ace gives him sports coaching.

The 17-year-old singer said he is obliged to sing for the boys and he will bring girlfriend Selena Gomez along to sing to their newborn girl, reports say.

"I've agreed to give the boys a private concert at their house if David gives me some private soccer lessons. David's an amazing dad, and he told me how happy it would make the boys, so I had to say yes.”

"Maybe now they have a girl, Selena will have to come too, and dedicate a song to Harper. David tells me my records are always played in their household, and David and Victoria are both really cool, so I'm happy to oblige," Bieber said.

Despite Victoria and David saying their family is complete now, Bieber thinks they may have another child in future.

"David and Victoria are great parents, they will do anything for their kids. People thought they would stop now as they have a daughter but I'm not so sure, they both love kids so much I can see them having one more," he said.