Chandigarh: Slamming the Punjab and Haryana government for the rise in Juvenile delinquency cases, the High Court summoned both the state governments to seek reply in this regard.

The High Court also lashed out at the Centre for the gruesome condition in Chandigarh where nearly 460 cases of missing children were registered last year and pulled up the government’s slack attitude to combat the crime in the states.

Nearly dozens of petitions and pleas regarding the abducted children are still pending in local courts, the HC stated on Saturday.

Notably, with the crimes committed by minor children several NGOs have also started protesting against the police carelessness in the two states.

Rise in criminal cases has been witnessed in Chandigarh, Panipat and Ludhiana. Children in the two northern states are generally abducted for child labour and human trafficking.

According to the report, 460 children are missing for the last one year, which includes 159 minors and 89 girls. However, 86 of these children have already returned homes while this year, 84 children are missing of which 45 are girls.

On the issue of protection of rights of children, Women and Child Development department has asked the Chief Secretary of the state not to file cases against minors who are involved in petty issues.

Meanwhile, the High Court also asked the NGOs to work for the upliftment of the minors. The court even asked both the state governments to implement proper schemes for the development and improvement of children by providing food, education, medical, and housing facilities to the children.

Police response

Haryana’s Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) BS Sandhu and Chandigarh Senior Superintendent of Police Naninihaal Singh mentioned that they are ready to coordinate with each other in reducing the criminal activities in their states. They elaborated by saying that for such cases special cells will be created, which will have trained personnel.