Indore: Stating that FDI in retail is allowed only in cities with population of more than 10 lakh and not at villages, Union Minister of State for Industry and Commerce Jyotiraditya Scindia on Friday said BJP is creating a "negative mayajal" on FDI with Bharat Bandh.

FDI in retail, as notified by the Centre, would only enter the cities with population of more than ten lakh, Scindia said, speaking at the Indore Press Club.

In 2004, BJP had created "positive mayajal" (illusion) by harping on 'Feel good factor' and India Shining, and now it is creating a "negative mayajal" on FDI with Bharat Bandh, etc, he said.

He said the saffron party, in its 1999 manifesto, had vowed to bring "100 percent" FDI in multi-brand retail.

On Trinamool Congress's withdrawal of support to the UPA government, Scindia said: "Every ally is important to us... We agree to disagree. Our attitude to Trinamool Congress would not change."

Only those foreign companies who are willing to invest minimum of Rs 500 crore, half of it in the back-end activities such as logistics, refrigeration, etc., would be allowed in the retail space, Scindia said.

About 80 percent of the country would not be touched by foreign retail giants because of the population criterion, he said.  At the same time, the FDI in retail would give a boost to job growth, he said.
With high production of foodgrains, fruits and vegetables and milk, India could be a "food basket" of the world, Scindia said. Currently, forty percent of foodgrains, fruits, and vegetables go to waste, he added.

On the state front, when asked if the Congress would be able to return to power in Madhya Pradesh in the next Assembly polls under the leadership of state Congress chief K L Bhuriya, Scindia said, "There is unlimited possibility to form the Congress government, if the party gives importance and respect to every worker without any bias."

To the question when Rahul Gandhi would become "pro-active" in the politics, Scindia said: "He (Rahul) is our guiding force and inspiration at every level of work and planning in the party."

On the upcoming Global Investors Meet, organised by BJP government in the state, Scindia said, "How much foreign investment has come to Madhya Pradesh so far? What is the state offering to foreign players?"

Recalling the recent protest by villagers in Khandwa against raising of dam height ('Jal Satyagraha'), Scindia said the state government remained apathetic for as much as 14 days, which showed that nothing can be expected from it.


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