Dehradun: At a time when the UPA government is running for cover to defend its decision of arresting social activist Anna Hazare, Minister of state for Commerce and Industry Jyotiraditya Scindia has said that the government’s decision was unfortunate.

The young congress leader on Friday said here that Anna Hazare’s protest against corruption is justified and centre’s decision to arrest him was not reasonable. 

However, the minister asserted that any kind of subversion of Parliament’s supremacy is unjustified as well.

“Both the Centre and Anna's team should review their bills and should sit together to address the matter,” he said.

“Youth of the country share a strong bond with Anna that will help to create a new generation,” he added.

Scindia asserted that corruption is like a mite that has entered deep into the system of the country and to overcome this every Indian citizen would have to contribute.