Patiala: The 52 players who were found positive using for banned substances during the second Kabaddi World Cup have been instructed by National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) to go for B-sampling test.

“We will place a ban on the players who will refuse to follow the given instructions” Rahul Bhatnagar, NADA Director General said on Saturday.

“We took 218 samples during the event out of which 52 players were found positive. We put a ban on teams of Australia, America and England each before the event kicked off. 42 numbers of players had failed dope test prior to the Kabaddi World Cup semifinals and rose by another six during the semifinals and finals. Along with this, four American players declined to do dope sampling” Bhatnagar said.

Bhatnagar also said, “As per the instruction, these 52 positive found players have to do their B-sampling. It may lead to two years of ban by NADA and WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) if the offenders refuse the orders.”

At the moment, the tainted players cannot take part in any national or international championships. The players who will fail B-sampling test will have to put forth their views before ADDP (Anti Doping Agency Panel).

There were 14 teams who took part in Kabaddi World Cup, 52 players of 11 different teams were found positive.

Players found positive:

The final count includes 10 from England, eight each from Canada and the US, seven from Spain, six each from Australia and Italy, three from Norway and one each from India, Germany, Pakistan and Argentina.