Kolkata: Once an ardent supporter of Mamata Banerjee, singer-turned-politician and the Trinamool Congress MP from Jadavpur, Kabir Suman on Thursday lashed out at the West Bengal Chief Minister and criticised her for the dismal condition of the state.

Suman in his blog wrote, “Farmers are committing suicide. Government employees are not getting their salaries. There has been a significant rise in the number of crime cases. The student wing of TMC is treading on the same path as that of CPI(M)’s SFI.”

Expressing serious concern on the Park Street rape case incident, he wrote, “What is astonishing is that earlier Banerjee used to run to various places across the state to stand beside rape victims, but she has now bluntly denied the Park Street rape. She had said it is a concocted story. When it was proved that the rape did happen, she could have apologised, but she didn't bother to do so. Moreover, a Cabinet Minister tried to establish that the rape victim was an escort.”

Referring to the Burdwan incident in which two CPI(M) leaders, including a former legislator, were killed, he stated, “The opposition Left Front blamed the ruling TMC for the incident, but Banerjee claimed the deaths were the results of infighting in the CPI(M). It is alleged they were killed by Trinamool supporters. But the Chief Minister said they died because of infighting. She also said there were a lot of criminal cases against those who died.”

“Those intellectuals who are right now dancing to Banerjee's tunes had earlier either lobbied to stop her from taking part in the intellectuals' movement opposing Nandigarm and Singur or were close to the CPI-M leadership,” he wrote.