The show that takes celebrities from various walks of life back to their childhood home to relive their memories will feature the singer on 28th September on Sony TV.

The singer loves the show's concept, which is hosted by actor Vinay Pathak.

“The concept is really nice. Revisiting the life of the personalities who have become famous inspires people in some way,” Kailash said.

“All the hardships they faced, ups and downs and how they started their journey are bound to inspire people,” the singer added.

The singer reminisces about the excitement that he used to get from small things in life.

“Old memories hold a special place in my life. I have everything today, but the excitement that we used to have earlier is missing. For instance, when we bought television for the first time, celebrations at my house was extravagant. We do not get that kind of feeling now. People used to find happiness in small things,” Kailash said.

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