"Dr. Abdul Kalam's residence, where he spent his last years in New Delhi, is being evacuated. Within days, there will be no trace of Dr Kalam's life in that house. This house is now going to be given as residence for Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma," said a petition by R Bhagwan Singh, head of Tamil channel News7, on behalf of thousands of Kalam's supporters and admirers.

In the petition posted on the International Petition Platform, he said "Thousands of Dr Kalam's books and documents that he worked on through his life, the Veena that he often played, are being boxed up, so that Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma, who has been in the news recently for his sexist and discriminatory comments, can move in. I'm shocked and appalled at this dishonour."
He appealed to admirers of the former Scientist-President to sign his petition asking the Government of India establish an 'Dr. Abdul Kalam International Knowledge Centre’ to honour him.
"Setting up 'Dr. Abdul Kalam International Knowledge Centre' at 10, Rajaji Marg, and opening it to general public, will serve as a universal destination for scholars, scientists and students where Dr. Kalam’s work will give practical and inexpensive solutions for our most critical issues," the petition says.
"This is the best way to honour a true patriot and the legend that was President Abdul Kalam, who selflessly served the country till his very last breath," it says.

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