According to reports, 29-year-old Kalki, who was the show stopper for the designers at the Glamour Style Week 2013 forgot to walk the ramp with the duo. This move of hers angered the designers and they allegedly called her mentally disturbed.
"After a 4hour wait in lehenga, jewellery make up they have the gall to call me mentally disturbed! Riddhi siddhi, dp designers, shame on you. I did not walk away from the ramp. Organisers whisked me off and took me to a press area where I was doing interviews praising the designers," Kalki wrote on Twitter.
However, Riddhi and Siddhi have rubbished claims that they called the actress mentally disturbed and insisted whatever is being said about them is untrue.
"We are shocked to see this accusation from her. We would never stoop down to talk about anyone this way. We were glad that Kalki was sporting our garment on the ramp as we think she is one of the best dressed actresses in Bollywood," the duo said.
"It was primarily a jewellery show and not a clothing one. She was supposed to walk with jewellery designers," they added.
The duo is miffed with Kalki for dragging them into this without checking the facts.


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