Delhi: This isn't the first time Manoj Sharma has rubbed the law the wrong way. The lawyer from Gwalior has a chequered past. In 2007 he had tried to kill a sub-divisional magistrate with a dagger and was jailed for three years. On Tuesday he tried to hit Suresh Kalmadi with a slipper.

But he missed and was overpowered by security personnel present at the Patiala House Court complex. He found himself behind the bars at the Parliament Street Police Station in the capital. Manoj said that he had planned to thrash the former CWG OC chief with an iron rod, but because of heavy security he decided to chuck his footwear.

Manoj had reached Patiala House Court at around 10 am and had been waiting for Kalmadi's arrival. "I wanted to hit him in the face. I hate him since he has been involved in corruption cases. It is my ill luck that he escaped my aim. I am a messenger of God, and I am here to punish corrupt people," said Sharma. Asked whether he will try again he said, "Sure I will and this time he will not escape. I will thrash him."

'Not fair'

Manoj appeared disgruntled at the way he had been treated by the police. "I missed and was overpowered by the cops. I was taken to an isolated place for the interrogation. I answered all questions of the officials. I only have one grudge against the police that they did not give me my slipper back during interrogation. It was returned to me after six hours," he said.

Manoj Sharma said that he has read much about Utsav Sharma, who attacked Rajesh Talwar and SPS Rathore, and is sympathetic towards him. "He is also a crusader like me. He is punishing the guilty of society and I will punish the most corrupt ministers," he added. However, Manoj said that he has not met Utsav. He said the same thing to the police during interrogation.

Manoj said that three years ago he had contested the Lok Sabha elections independently. "I got around 2500 votes and will again contest the election the next time," he said.

Manoj Sharma completed his LLB from Gwalior after his BCom and then got his accreditation from Gwalior Bar Association. He said that he had been a typist there and used to sell stamp paper when he happened to meet an SDM who was 'corrupt'.
"He was demanding bribe from me to sell stamp paper while I had refused. When he did not rectify himself I planned to teach him a lesson. I managed to arrange a butcher knife. He again came and demanded bribe and I again refused. He tore my stamp paper and registers. In a fit of rage I fished out the dagger and slit his throat. He did not die and I was arrested under attempt to murder charges. This was the reason the Bar Association cancelled my licence. Since then I have decided to teach all corrupt persons a lesson," he added.

When Manoj was caught he tried to mislead the cops by giving a fake name. He told the cops that his name is Deepak Pandey but when he was thoroughly interrogated he gave up his real name. He was interrogated by Special Cell, IB and New Delhi District Police. He told the police that he is a journalist with Sansad Garjana, a weekly newspaper of Gwalior. An i-card with 'Aadarsh Sampadak Lekhak Patrkar Sangh (Gwalior)' written on it was recovered from him. He told cops that his cell-phone was stolen in a moving bus in Khureji area of east Delhi and reportedly showed a police document. 

Who's Manoj Sharma?

Manoj Sharma is a lawyer from Gwalior. His father Rameshwar Dyal was reportedly employed with the Health Ministry here in Delhi. Manoj has been living in Geeta Colony area in the Capital along with his mother Vidya Devi and brother Rajeev. According to police he also has a house in Gwalior and keeps shuttling between the two cities. Manoj also has three children who are currently studying in Gwalior.