Bulandshahr: Settling all speculations to rest about his comeback to the BJP, the Jan Kranti Party leader Kalyan Singh severely criticized senior BJP Leader Lal Krishna Advani by calling him betrayer.

Speaking to the reporters on Tuesday, Singh said, “Advani has forgotten Lord Rama and has tuned to Muhammad Ali Jinnah. People know everything about such betrayers.”

The former Chief Minister of UP went on to the extent of suggesting senior BJP leaders Kalraj Mishra and Kesari Nath Tripathi to seek asylum, terming them mental patients.

Mocking the BJP strategy for upcoming Assembly polls, Singh said, “Kalraj Mishra, who has never won in any election and could not be elected even a member of any House, is making the election plans for the BJP.”

“Kesari Nath has no political vision but drawing UP vision 2012,” Kalyan Singh remarked.

The Jan Kranti Party leader did not spare former BJP president Rajnath Singh and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi either. He said, “Rajnath Singh won’t malign his record of lowering BJP representation in UP.”

“The time I left the party, there were 176 MLAs from BJP in the state which reduced to 88 in Rajnath Singh leadership and is 44 now,” Kalyan Singh explained.

Commenting on the three-day ‘Sadbhavana fast’ by Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Singh said it is all political drama.