New Delhi: The surreptitious move of Bharatiya Janata Party to convince former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Kalyan Singh to rejoin the saffron brigade has caused immense embarrassment for the party as Singh not only turned down the proposal, but also exposed the behind the scene strategy of BJP for the upcoming Assembly polls in the state.

Senior BJP leaders had been trying to get a sense of mind of the former Hindu mascot of the party through non-political channels.

However, as per sources, the BJP initiative put Singh in a bargaining position and the conditions put forth by Kalyan were not acceptable to the party.

It should be mentioned that many members within BJP were not aware of the behind the curtain moves of the senior leadership, but they have expressed strong objection to any such move.

Aiming to reclaim the political space in the state, party president Nitin Gadkari had fabricated the move to bring some big leaders back into the party fold.

However, Kalyan’s rebuff would come as a rude shock to the party.