We heard about Harshwardhana, Mahabali and Harischandra. These characters lie in history books and rarely we find such examples in today's self-oriented life. But in South India, a simple looking man named Kalyanasundaram rejuvenated the history and made a great example of honorary works.

USA recently awarded Kalyanasundaram as ‘Man of the Millennium’. Kalyanasundaram had been working as a librarian for 30 years.

Every month in his 30-year-long service, he donated his entire salary to help the needy. He worked as a server in a hotel to meet his needs. He donated even his pension amount of about ten lakh rupees to the needy.

He is the first person in the world to spend the entire earnings for a social cause. He received a sum of Rs 30 crores by USA government as part of this award which he distributed entirely for the needy as usual.

Moved by his passion to help others, Super Star Rajnikanth adopted him as his father. He still stays as a bachelor and dedicated his entire life for serving the society.

This is Painful to see this unsung hero is continue to serve the Nation silently but his deeds are not recognised by Indian Authorities or Media.

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