Mumbai: Deepika Padukone's loss, Pooja Kumar's gain. The actress is doing the much-talked about Vishwaroop role with Kamal Hasan that top Bollywood actresses rejected outright. And she ain't regretting it.

The lass, who has done a bit role in Anjaana Anjaani, a Tamil film, and a few small Hollywood films and TV series, is thrilled at the way the plum role landed in her inbox. Yes, Pooja was approached by Kamal Hasan on the internet and auditioned on Skype, that too in bad lighting. “It was pretty cool. He kept telling me to adjust the lighting in the room,” says Pooja.

At the start, she apparently thought that Kamal’s film was a Hannibal Lecter sort of thriller film. “I thought I was one of the victims in such a film. Sir convinced me it was nothing like that.” Pooja didn’t take long to make up her mind though.

“Working with Kamal sir is a dream come true. I must have done some good karma in my past life to have earned this opportunity. He is truly a legend,” she enthuses. The only disappointment in her role in the epic film, Pooja thinks, is the lack of action. “Oh, everyone apart from me have a lot of action stunts to do. I am just a damsel in distress. But since I play a nuclear scientist, I suppose I am at least a smart damsel in distress,” she signs off.


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