"In the business advisory committee meeting in the Rajya Sabha, they (BJP) had unanimously agreed to the Ordinance and so it was introduced in the Rajya Sabha," he said. Flashing a copy of the minutes of the meeting, Kamal Nath said: "It is unfortunate that ever since Rahul Gandhi raised the matter, the BJP has taken a different stand. This is the old style of BJP's functioning to say one thing in the public and another in private."

The Parliamentary Affairs Minister said the Cabinet will be discussing the Ordinance on Wednesday evening. "The Ordinance was passed by the Cabinet based on the decision of the all-party meeting and now the cabinet will meet to take a final call," he said.

Rahul Gandhi earlier rubbished the ordinance, saying that it was "complete nonsense" and should be "torn up and thrown away". The remark created a political storm, with the BJP demanding that the Prime Minister should step down. Manmohan Singh said on Tuesday he would not quit over the perceived undermining of his authority and that of his cabinet by Rahul Gandhi.


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