New Delhi: ‘Sakiya sagar uthana zara’, ‘Ab ke baras bhej bhaiya ko babul, ‘Ranjish hi sahi’ these are the few soulful songs of Golden Indian musical era which invigorated by a well known classical singer Kanak Chaturvedi on 7th July at India Islamic Centre during Revival 3 musical show. Blessed with soulful voice, Kanak Chaturvedi made Revival 3 memorable with her enthralling performance. If Revival 3, organized by Pine Tree Pictures Pvt ltd is an effort to bring back the golden music era of 1930-1960, Kanak is the sailor of the ship.

Be it Khursheed’s ‘Ghata Ghanghor’, Noor Jahan’s ‘Dmadum’, Madhubala’s ‘Bhagwan mere gyan ke deepak ko jalao’, Kanak has revived the melody of all these songs of golden Indian musical era in her own mesmerizing voice.

On a candid chart with Jagran Post, Kanak shares her love and passion for music.

When did you realize your inclination towards music?

Since my childhood, I was very much interested in music and I started music at the age of six. But my real musical journey began after my marriage. I gave my first performance in 1999.

Tell us about some of the voices which you think are best for classical and semi classical music?

If we talk about classical music, Malika Pukhraj is one of my favourites. But Begum Akhtar was a versatile singer. On this note I would like to mention the name of Master Madan, a classical singer who was killed at an early age of 13. If he had survived he would have overshadowed many renowned classical singers.

Any unforgettable performance of your life?

I mainly perform for NGOs and I always call kids in my shows. During my Kolkata tour, few orphan kids from Sundarban gave a wonderful dance performance. I was touched to see them.

Do you have any plan to sing for Bollywood films?

Let see…….. if it comes to my way and I feel comfortable I will try it. There is not any kind of competition for me as I don’t sing for money, I sing for myself. I can’t give my hundred percent when I am pressurised to do so. Singing gives me eternal happiness, piece of mind and strength to lead a happy life.   

What’s your view on reality shows?

I feel sorry for the kids who participate in these shows. I think they don’t get anything by appearing in such programmes. After even winning the show they ending up their carrier just being anchors or VJ mostly. According to me, the persons who are sitting to judge the aspirant singers are not much qualified and they don’t have proper classical training. This is a message for the budding singers that sing for your own happiness without having any expectations.

You always said that whatever you are today only because of your husband, please share the recipe of your happy married life.

Yes, it’s true, all credit goes to my husband and my father-in-law. He is an admirer of my music and he always encourages me. Without him I would not be able to mark a niche for me in this music world.

Deblina Roy/Farhat Jabeen