It happens very rarely that your life changes in seconds. Not negatively but surely positively. This happens with very few lucky people. Out of them, one is Bollywood’s renowned actress Kangna Ranaut.

Sitting in a café, sipping coffee and suddenly the eyes of the director sitting in the same café falls on you and he realizes that you are perfectly apt for a certain role in his upcoming film.

As time flies by, everything gets finalized and you leave for abroad and do the shooting. The shoot completes and the movie is released in theatres, leaving everyone shocked with excitement and happy with your performance. This is what happened wih Kangna Ranaut. Due to which, she became a successful actress at the age of just 19! Anurag Basu’s ‘Gangster’ came in 2006, Kangna did not turn back after that movie.

Bold and beautiful Kangana has been seen in various roles in different movies. With her extremely perfect looks and acting, today she has won the hearts of thousands of people. This girl, who is from a small town in Himachal, has proved through ‘Tanu weds Manu’ that how can a movie be successful only because of her.

Now, after completing 6 years in Bollywood, Kangana has finally decided to take a break for herself. She wants to find new means for the constructive growth and accomplishments of her wishes and goals.

Work and Success hand-in-hand

Kangana with her hard work has always received huge success. But as no gain comes without enduring pain, many a times she was caught in rumors including her other house hold troubles, but she always overcame all the barriers and problems. Kangana has played all kinds of roles from being a simple girl next door to being a big superstar during her 6-year long filmy journey.

Kangana also received a national award for Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie ‘Fashion’. Her role in Fashion was exceptionally well, her looks, attitude, personality were too good.

In the initial stage when Kangana stepped into glamour world, maximum roles that she got were on the tragedy struck. Kangana played clever roles to shed off her tragic image. But after not getting success by doing those roles, she soon realized that she was going in wrong direction and returned to the right track.

Significant Roles

In the beginning of her career, Kangana got such significant roles which other actresses get after doing 20-25 movies.  Kangana took all the roles as a challenge and proved that the directors did not make a mistake by taking her as an actress in their movies.

Very few people are aware of the fact that ‘The Dirty Picture’ was first offered to Kangana Ranaut by Milan Lathuria. Milan was aware of the kind of roles that were done by Kangana but Bollywood starlet refused to play the role saying that she had already done that kind of role in ‘Woh Lamhe’. Kangana has always worked with self confidence and learnt from her mistakes.

Kangana has never blamed her co-star or the director for flop films. After acting in ‘Rascals’,  Kangana stayed calm after all the remarks, comments and rumors. She has learnt how to stay in this industry.

Kangana knows that after staying in B-town she shouldn’t believe and answer all the rumors.

Want to be a Director

Recently Kangana has made her directorial debut for a short film in America. Kangana thinks that she can become a successful director. Not only directing, Kangana has started not only direction but also writing scripts. She has alreadt completed one script. She wants to make films on the script written by her.

(Ajay Brahmatmaj)