Mumbai: There is no excuse for tardiness but looks like Kangna Ranaut didn’t expect to be given a rap on her knuckles after she apparently continued to throw fits despite turning up late everyday on the sets. Sources say director Rensil D’Silva didn’t apparently take Kangna’s late comings kindly and pulled her up for her alleged unprofessional behaviour.

Insiders say that the director finally lost his cool after the actress threw a tantrum about a mask that she was supposed to wear for a scene in the film. A unit member says, “Kangna got into the habit of turning up late on the sets. So the rest of the unit adjusted their timings to avoid delays in work. Kangna’s schedules were slotted for later in the day. It was okay for the team if she was late by one hour. The other day, she not only ended up reaching late by four hours, but apparently she was also in a foul mood.”

Due to the four-hour delay, apparently the rest of the cast comprising Randeep Hooda and Emraan Hashmi were also made to wait for Kangna.“Everyone was irritated with her and the pressure cooker-like situation erupted when she initially refused to wear the mask that was required for the scene.” states the source.

An irked Rensil first tried to apparently pacify her and then came down heavily on Kangna for her tardiness and bad behaviour. “She already knew that donning the mask was part of the film and since she had signed the project, she was supposed to know what was required of her. Despite all this, Kangs was later heard murmuring in protest and complaining about how she felt wasted as an actress in the film,” adds the source.
Kangna was unavailable for comment.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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