Mumbai: Kangna Ranaut is relying on martial arts to make sure she does not gain even miniscule weight in order to fit into her skin-tight costume for her next film based on a superhero. She is also closely watching her diet to make sure nothing goes wrong.

It is learnt that for her character as the mutant in the film, Kangna has to also train in martial arts for her action sequences.

“She is learning some techniques of karate, judo and taekwondo,” says our source. Interestingly, Kangna had to lose about five kilos for her part to fit into her costume.

“Besides, it’s not comfortable to wear such a suit in this hot weather for long hours,” points out our source, adding that if a fold develops in the costume during the shoot, the actress has to remove it and wear it again before the next shot. “Not to forget, it takes at least an hour for her to get into the costume and get her make-up re-done,” he says.

Needless to say, the actress also has to put up with her fair share of bruises after doing her own stunts during the shoot. Our source says, “Since she’s training in martial arts for her role, it’s natural for her to do her own action scenes. Kangna knows that some bruises can’t be avoided.”

Kangna’s strict diet regime
Regarding her diet and training regime, our source says, “She starts her martial arts training at 5 am. Then she goes home to freshen up, have breakfast and leave for the shoot.

During the day, she has small meals and her dinner is not heavy either. She does yoga for an hour before a light dinner. She also makes sure she has six hours of peaceful sleep.”

In the meanwhile, Kangs has also bagged a Karan Johar production. Scripted and to be helmed by Rensil D’Silva, our source reveals, “The makers felt no one could have done it better than her.”