Some news channels Friday telecasted an argument between Kapil Sharma and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan. In the video Ajaz was seen accusing Kapil of not airing his episode on Comedy Nights With Kapil which was shot around 4 months back. He said that Kapil was intimidated with his acting skills and do not respect other artists.

Kapil, at that moment, chose not to speak much and tried to calm down Ajaz with a hug. But later expressed his anger on a social networking site Facebook. He wrote, “Sometimes i feel very bad when some news channel make some fake news.. Today again i saw on some news channel that i fought with somebody.. I never fight with anybody nor i need.. My show is running successfully.. I dont need any publicity.. already got n getting so much love from my fans..”.

He added, “One of the actor from our industry said that i didnt aired his episode.. So let me clear that the authority of airing any episode is in channel's hand.. I dont own the channel..There is a process which v have to follow.. Please dont use my name for publicity.. Do ur work with honesty.. God will give u what u deserve.. I request to all my friends from media that pls dont make such news n give publicity to anyone.. I m a human being like others.. Even i get upset sometimes coz of these things.. Its all coz of ur blessings n love that i m still working in so much pressure n god knows i dont have any hard feelings for anybody.. I m here to spread happiness n laughter.. Nothing else..Love u all.. God bless this beautiful world. Keep smiling.”


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