It is being said that Sohail Khan, the owner of Mumbai Heroes, is extremely upset with Kapil’s behaviour. Not only this, Kapil may also have to face the ire of Sohail’s brother Salman Khan, an active member of the organizing committee.

According to reports, Kapil reached the venue two hours late, leaving no time for rehearsal. Besides, Kapil’s team began to ask for multiple things from the organizers. They also started demanding last minute changes to the script

Reportedly, though the organizers offered Kapil an AC room, he refused.  Even when he was asked to go to the commentary box, he denied as it was on the other side and he told that he cannot walk all the way.

When his demands were not met, Kapil and his team walked out of the event just before the beginning of the programme. Sohail Khan, owner of Mumbai Heroes, gets irritated with Kapil’s unprofessional behaviour.  Reportedly, not only Sohail, this incident might irk Salman Khan, an active member of organizing committee.

Kapil, who seems to share a great rapport with Salman Khan, is afraid that his antics would upset Sallu and his brother Sohail Khan. The comedian, who has now gone into damage control mode, is leaving no stone unturned in defending himself.

According to sources, Kapil was supposed to reach the stadium at noon to rehearse with Mandira, but he reached two hours late. Sources further said besides reaching the venue late, Kapil's team began to ask for multiple things from the organisers. They started demanding last minute changes to the script and a vanity van.

Kapil’s team, however, has another story to tell. According to them, their demands were justified and they did not leave the place only just because of a vanity van.

“We got late because of the traffic jam. The room where Kapil was asked to sit, there was no chair, no water,” a close source of Kapil’s team said.

“We didn't leave because of the vanity van. The organisers wanted him to sit in the commentary box. But Kapil is not a cricket expert. We needed a room to prepare the script before the event. We went through so much of problems but no one from the CCL creative team spoke to us,” added the source.


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