"Your Finance Minister in his blogs and on Facebook says this is an offence under Income Tax Act. He is the Finance Minister of this country. Does he have the right to make statements like that? He is giving a sort of indication to the IT department that you send notice. And what has stopping of Parliament got to do with the case of National Herald. It is nothing to do with it", said Kapil Sibal.
Congress has been stalling Parliament for the past few days over the issue of 'political vendetta'. Sibal referred to comments made by revenue ministers of BJP-ruled Maharashtra and Haryana governments favouring cancellation of leases of properties of National Herald or its holding companies and asked 'Is this not political vendetta?'.
He said Congress is committed to reviving and running National Herald, a newspaper established in 1938 by Jawaharlal Nehru. "There was no cheating in National Herald case. Young Indian is a Section 25 company that means no money can be shared with any of the shareholders. Nobody has lost any money or made any money in this", said Sibal, a noted lawyer and a former Union Minister.
He said Congress wants passage of GST bill in the Parliament but first government should accepts its three suggestions on the proposed legislation. "Parliament should function and we also want Parliament to function. One of a very senior BJP leaders set a democratic principle that obstruction in Parliament is part of Parliamentary strategy.
Sibal asked, "When he was Chief Minister of Gujarat and for six years he was opposing GST, at that time was his feelings not connected with common men?". Sibal said: "He (Modi) does Mann ki Baat everyday, we want he should do 'dhang ki baat' (meaningful talks) also.


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