Mumbai: It is Karan Johar's birthday today. The filmmaker turns 39, but is not exactly in celebration mode. Says KJo, "I am shattered and depressed because I am just one year away from being 40. I don't want any birthday wishes but can someone please make me 30 again? 40 always used to be an unachievable age for me. I could never imagine I will be 40.

For all those people who say life begins at 40 I say 'dude people at 40 become senile, deluded and out of sorts!' My new mantra now is to age gracefully and stop colouring my hair black as I don't know if it is worth it anymore. I am going to wear sober shirts, sober shoes and will have a sober demeanour from now."

C'mon KJo, you are directing a youth film Student Of The Year, reason enough to feel young! And there's always Bryan Adams' track to pep you up...

I wanna be young, the rest of my life
Never say no,  try anything twice
Till the angels come, and ask me to fly
I'm gonna be 18, till I die
18 till I die.