"You saw a young man in muffler made stand still all the might of the largest political party and organization in India, triumphantly sweeping across the city like they have hopped on an 'ashwamedh rath'.

"It shows the triumph of democracy the way a comparatively new party is able to take on whole might of BJP and all its organizations and charisma of Narendra Modi and just wipe them out, it makes one feel proud as an Indian. We may have lost it that's a different matter," said Singh who was here to participate in a symposium on 'Nehru and Today's India' organised by the University of Cambridge.

Singh said AAP's victory might have left him dejected as a partyman but he is delighted as an Indian.

"If you ask me as a Congress man I feel dejected but as an Indian I am delighted because they have proven the vibrancy and power of our democracy.
"Jawaharlal Nehru was an impeccable parliamentarian and advocated the right of franchise decades back but AAP has proved that our democracy is still vibrant," he said.

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