The Shia-Sunni face off over Karbala issue has snowballed into national dimension with Naqvi cajoling the Shias across the country to huddle in the national capital to meet Sonia Gandhi and discuss the Karbala issue.

Following Naqvi’s announcement, Shia Muslims from all corners of the country have started congregating at Raebareli, Rampur and Lucknow districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Delhi Police has received information from its intelligence sources that extensive preparations are going on in Uttar Pradesh by Shias to storm into the capital on March 31.

Sensing the security threat, the police have already geared up and several meetings are being conducted by top cops in order to discuss law and order situation in the national capital.

According to the sources, the police’s strategy to tackle with the impending commotion on Delhi-UP border would be to enforce heavy number of police personnel at all the entry points to the capital two days before March 31 so that they could stop the Shias from entering in Delhi.

Few days back, Shias from several districts in UP had come to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi in large numbers to talk about the Karbala issue, resulting in massive traffic jams in the capital.

The large scale entry of Shias from UP had caused complete mayhem in Delhi, as people had to linger around for five to six hours in long traffic jams.

On the behalf of Anjuman-e-Haideri, Naqvi has asked Shias to come from different parts of the country to Delhi on 31st March. The Shias would then try to meet Sonia Gandhi and discuss the Karbala issue.

Pamphlets with the slogan ‘Dilli Chalo’ are also been circulated among the Shia population, so that more and more people from their community can participate in this mass demonstration.


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