Mumbai: Is she upset over Salman's decision to rope in Katrina for a song in 'Bodyguard'? Katrina Kaif might be the reigning item queen of Bollywood, but Kareena Kapoor's not the one to feel cornered in her own film.

Apparently when Kareena got to know about this much hyped song shoot with Salman and Katrina, she stepped up and demanded a hotter number.

A source says, "When both Kareena and Katrina's songs will be released, there is definitely going to be comparison between the two. So Kareena wants to be prepared. The song 'Teri meri prem kahani' that has been shot over the past few days in three different locations is one of the sexiest songs Kareena has ever shot and she wanted it to be that way."

The song is quintessentially Bollywood as it gets the heroine dancing under the rain in a translucent sari. Interestingly, Teri Meri Prem Kahani is the theme track of the film.

And though it's hardly an item number, there are portions of the song, which have now been designed to look like one.

This is the first time Kat and Bebo's professional rivalry is out in the open, though the two A-listers have always been pitted against each other in some way or the other.

According to a source, "Apparently Salman's decision to rope in Katrina for a song in Bodyguard did not go down well with Kareena from the very beginning.

Even on Katrina's birthday, she dropped in to meet Salman only after Bebo left the scene." Both Kareena and Katrina denied the story.