Mirror learnt that after what happened at a previous function - when Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha greeted each other with a namaskar while Jaya and she found plenty to talk about after years of cold war, and the pictures went viral, Big B avoided the red carpet. Instead, Abhishek and Amitabh, chose to make a backdoor, or rather backstage, entry.

Backstage was where all the action was. When Shahid Kapoor was feverishly rehearsing for his stage performance, ex-girlfriend Kareena Kapoor walked in. While one may think the former lovers would make small talk, fact is that as soon as she spotted Shahid, Kareena did a quick U-turn. She waited till he had left before returning to practice her own act.

No points to her for originality though. Mirror has unearthed that Kareena ended up dancing to the same tunes in the same fashion as she had at a recent ceremony. Although one may think Salman was in a genial mood, having given Shah Rukh Khan another jadoo ki jhappi on stage to which the latter had responded with a Jai Ho, he was in no mood to share free hugs with Vivek Oberoi who made several trips to the stage (required as well as voluntary).

Said an eye-witness, "It was evident that Vivek wanted to bury the hatchet, but despite being on stage together, Salman gave him the cold shoulder, more than once." The actress who was responsible for Vivek's feud with Salman, sensibly decided to stay away from the ceremony and its host who once was her khaas dost.


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