Participants have alleged that the duo has been adopting unfair means to win in the compatibility tests. During the shoot on Wednesday night, there was a heated exchange between Karishma-Upen and the other contestants, who have demanded that action be taken against the couple.

Says a source, "They claim that Upen has been storing the answers to his compatibility tasks in the cell phone, which was found on the sets. He would leave the phone in a predecided location, away from prying eyes and Karishma would access it to figure out the clues to the given tasks."

During the compatibility rounds, couples are barred from interacting with each other and use of cell phones is prohibited. It is said that Upen aroused suspicion as he spent long hours in the washroom at frequent intervals.

A unit hand reveals, "Karishma and Upen have known each other only for a few months, but have still been getting full marks in the tests. The other couples, some of whom have been married for decades, have failed to give all right answers. This made them suspicious of foul play."

The channel spokesperson and makers were unavailable for comment.


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