Mumbai: Karisma Kapoor plays four characters who speak different dialects in her upcoming film, making the dubbing process extremely long and tedious. Says a source, “Karisma had to speak Urdu, Punjabi, Marwadi, and Hindi in the film. Since her character travels through different past lives, getting these dialects right were extremely important. Her language skills would show where she belongs to and that is a very important aspect of the film.”

Karisma who was obviously not anticipating this much work over dialogue was however provided with as much assistance as possible. Apparently filmmaker Vikram Bhatt himself would sit down with her for language lessons, so that she gets it right.

Confirms Karisma, “It was very challenging for me, though extremely exciting too. It involved a lot of research and learning. It wasn’t simple just talking, but I had to get the pronunciations right. I had to keep it as authentic as possible.”

However, it seems to have been hindering the dubbing process of the film. Adds the source, “It’s been very tedious to dub in these many different languages and obviously it’s taking a lot more time than it otherwise would . However, Karisma is being very patient and doing her best.”