New Delhi/Bangalore: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which launched a campaign for immediate recall of Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj, knocked at the doors of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who gave an assurance that "nothing unconstitutional" will be done.

The Centre also gave clear indications it may not be acting on the recommendation of the Governor in a "special" report he sent on Sunday for imposing President's rule in the wake of the Supreme Court verdict quashing the disqualification of 11 rebel BJP MLAs.

On a day of hectic activities in the capital and in Bangalore, an NDA delegation headed by L K Advani met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and told him that the Governor's report on Sunday was unconstitutional and should not be acted upon.

The delegation demanded that the government should initiate the processes of recall of the Governor whom, it said, had repeatedly "violated" the Constitution in letter and spirit.

After the meeting, Advani told reporters that, "The Prime Minister assured us that nothing unconstitutional will be done in Karnataka." The PM told them that he had not seen the report himself yet but the Home Minister had read it.

The delegation's meeting with the Prime Minister followed a meeting of top NDA leaders in the morning which decided that Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa will parade all his supporting MLAs before President Pratibha Patil.

The MLAs led by the Chief Minister, who reached Delhi on Monday night, have been given time Tuesday evening for meeting the President when they are expected to display  the support of 121 MLAs in a House of 224.

In a bid to pressure on the Governor and the Centre, the state government urged the Governor to convene a session of the Assembly from June to prove majority and to parade the MLAs before President Pratibha Patil.

No urgency on Governor's report

Meanwhile, top official sources in the Central government said due process will be followed on the Governor's report and there is no urgency on the part of the Home
Ministry to act on it.

"The Governor has sent the report in a hurry. There is a sense in the government that Bhardwaj has exceeded his brief," the sources said.

They said there appears to be a personality clash between the Chief Minister and the Governor and this could be one of the reasons for sending the report just two days after the Supreme Court verdict. Nothing is going to happen soon, the sources said.

NDA meet condemns Bhardwaj

At the meeting of the NDA, the leaders strongly condemned the action of the Governor in sending a report and described his conduct as partisan, defying all constitutional norms and principles.

"There is absolutely no doubt that the Yeddyurappa government enjoys an overwhelming majority in the Assembly," senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley told reporters.

The NDA delegation that met the Prime Minister demanded that the Governor's report should be rejected.

"The Prime Minister said I can assure you that we (government) will not do anything unconstitutional in Karnataka," the Prime Minister was quoted by Advani as saying.

The NDA delegation told the PM that the BJP government had the support of 121 MLAs and the Governor should have heeded the advise of the government to call for a special session of the Assembly and holding of a floor test.

Advani said since this was not done, the Governor's report should be rejected.

BJP for immediate recall of Governor

Launching a campaign against the Governor, the BJP Legislature Party in Bangalore demanded his immediate recall for his "undemocratic" act.

In a bid to counter him, the state cabinet recommended for the second time convening of the legislature session and decided to parade the MLAs before the President.

As the relationship between the BJP Government and the Governor worsened, Yeddyurapa said Bhardwaj had converted Raj Bhavan into "Congress Bhavan" and become "a laughing stock" by his recommendation made on Sunday.

The Chief Minister asserted that he had the support of 121 BJP MLAs in the 224-member Assembly, as he flayed Bhardwaj's action. Yeddyurappa said Bhardwaj's recall has become "inevitable". BJP's decision to take the 'save Yeddyurappa' campaign to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan was announced by party leader Venkaiah Naidu at a Legislature Party Meeting which passed a resolution dubbing Bhardwaj's recommendation as "politically motivated".

The resolution, demanding recall of Bhardwaj, said his recommendation to keep the Assembly in suspended animation was "without any substantive reason and against the spirit of the Constitution".

"Hence, we strongly demand the Central Government and the President to recall Bhardwaj with immediate effect," it said.

Keeping the pressure on the Governor, an emergent Cabinet meeting today sent another resolution requesting him to convene a session of both Houses of Legislatures from June 2, saying there was important business relating to budget had to be taken up.

Bhardwaj had earlier rejected a May 13 resolution seeking his nod to convene the Legislature session from Monday.

This is the second time that the Governor has recommended President's rule since October last when the 11 rebel BJP MLAs and five independents withdrew support, throwing the first ever saffron party government in the south into a severe crisis.