By recommending for President’s rule in Karnataka state, Governor H R Bhardwaj has once again proved his single-point agenda to topple the Yeddyurappa government. The most surprising and worrisome is the fact how did he get the permission to recommend the president rule in the state? It is obvious that he must have recommended President’s rule with prior permission from either the Centre or the Congress leadership. Governors are expected to act as per their conscience, instead now-a-day most of the Governors serve the political interest of the ruling party at the Centre. Governor Hansraj Bhardwaj has a reputation of having a good knowledge of legal matters, but the Constitutional experts have shown their dismay over his decision. If he is individually responsible for his action, then it is desirable on the part of the Central government to review both his recommendation and his continuance in the Raj Bhavan. It is uncalled for that a Governor is seen acting in a partisan manner which brings down the sanctity of Governor’s office to disrepute. Nobody objects to him being a proud Congressman, but being a Governor he cannot be allowed to serve the interests of the particular party.

It cannot be denied that by striking down the decision of the Karnataka Assembly Speaker to disqualify 11 BJP and five independent MLAs as well the Supreme Court has given a big jolt to Yeddyurappa government. But recommending President’s rule on the basis of the SC judgement is equally unjustified because the Apex Court itself has ruled that the right place to test the majority of any government is the floor of the House. Despite all this if Hansraj Bhardwaj has learnt that the BSY government is in minority he should have instructed the Chief Minister to prove his majority in the House. It’s surprising that he didn’t take a legal course of action despite having held the chair of Union Law Minister in the past. He himself is responsible if the BJP is now baying for his position once again. When the BJP has gone ballistic against the Governor, the party must also introspect as to why Yeddyurappa is creating such circumstances leading to frequent rebellion by the party MLAs? Undoubtedly Hansraj Bhardwaj has landed himself in the docks by recommending President’s rule, but it is equally true that everything is not in proper position in Karnataka BJP team. Hansarj Bhardwaj has been able to corner the Yeddyurappa government on several occasions because the Chief Minister himself has given ample chance to the former due to internal controversies.