New Delhi: What the government could not do in four years, Bal Thackeray has done it in mere three days by appeasing the gods upstairs to kill Kasab. This is a reaction that has come from a Twitter user. Many such reactions have been pouring in from people across the country on social networking sites. Here is a look at some very interesting posts.

Tweets :

- Ajmal Kasab has been hanged after 4 years of fun & biryanis. Now will Afzal Guru meet the same fate or will he just die of dengue?

- Breaking News: The terrorist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab to come in a new movie called 'The Hang Over'

- Now since Kasab has gone what about Afzal Guru and Balwant Singh Rajaona? I hope they get dengue too.

Facebook posts:

•    Kyo ab cögess k pas paise ni h kya jo use biryani khila sake
•    he should be hanged in front of public in shivaji park
•    Chalo karoro karch karke kuch to kiya
•    I recommend Padma Shri to that Dengue Mosquito who precipitated this!
•    akhri ichha kya thi biryani ya kabab...


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