Srinagar: Neither a "confused" self rule proposal of PDP, nor autonomy demanded by the ruling National Conference would help resolve the Kashmir issue, a Congress leader on Sunday said.

Former state minister, Abdul Gani Vakil, said to address the issue all parties concerned, including the separatists, should come together and aspiration of the three regions of the state should be taken into account.

"Neither a confused self rule proposal of the People's Democratic Party nor autonomy can resolve Kashmir issue. They have to understand that Kashmir issue can only be resolved when all the parties including separatists will sit together taking into consideration the aspirations of all the three regions," Vakil said at a public meeting in south Kashmir Anantnag district.

He said no single party is in a position to resolve the issue at individual level. "If any party tries to make the people believe in this, it is only be-fooling them," he said.

"Kashmir issue cannot be treated as commodity on which dirty politics can be played," he said. Vakil slammed opposition PDP for "shedding crocodile tears" on corruption issue saying "instead the (opposition) party should look at how many of its ministers were involved in corruption when they were in power and their cases are still pending in State Accountability Commission."