All Party Migrant Coordination Committee (APMCC) also sought a detailed plan on how the parties will address the political, social, economic and religious aspirations of the community after getting elected to the state legislature.

"All the national, local and regional political parties must come out with a detailed blueprint on how they propose to rehabilitate the exiled Kashmiri Pandit community in Kashmir and how they will address our political, social, economic and religious aspirations", Vinod Pandit, Chairman APMCC said.
He said the community was fed up of hearing the slogans about dignified return and rehabilitation since more than two decades.

"We are in no mood to be fooled by sloganeering only. The party high commands of all political parties must officially declare their policy on KPs with a detailed blueprint so that Pandits can decide whom they want to elect," Pandit said.

"If the political parties ignore us again with mere slogans the None Of The Above (NOTA) option is available to us  on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)," King Bharati spokesperson APMCC said.The APMCC also presented a six-point charter of demands to the contesting candidates.

The charter included the passing of the Kashmir Temple and shrine bill, dialogue with Pakistan for facilitating visit to Shardha Peeth Temple, establishment of Shardha Peeth University in the state, probe in the encroachment of temple and shrine land in Kashmir, one time compensation for over-aged migrant Kashmiri pandit youth and a special employment package for non-migrant Kashmiri Pandits.

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