London: ‘Bride Wars’ star Kate Hudson envies her mother Goldie Hawn as the actress refuses to look older.

Kate, who is expecting her second child with Matt Bellamy, is a fan of her 65-year-old mother's enviable figure and beautiful looks.

"She is just beautiful. She is out of control! OK, I am pregnant, but how is my own mother thinner than me? She looks better than I do, how is that possible?" said the31-year-old actress.

Kate, the mother of a seven year old son, Ryder admitted that Hawn will outlive other members of her family due to her good health.

"Everyone always talks about their parents and what will happen but I swear my mom is going to outlive all of us!" added Hudson.

The actress was raised by Hawn and actor stepfather Kurt Russell, who has parented her since she was three.