London: Oscar winning actress, Kate Winslet finds no time for herself after embracing motherhood. The Titanic star spends most of her time with her two children Mia, 10, and Joe, seven, says report.

"Any mother knows the last person you think about is yourself. I've been a mother for 10 years and I'm still trying to figure out how to give time to myself without feeling guilty about it. Sometimes I'll sit down and I'll go, 'Oh it's just nice to sit down,' because truly, I've forgotten how to do that," said the Academy award winning actress.

"You forget to sit down and not worry about what needs to be done for the kids, just take time for yourself and pick up a book or read a recipe. I tell myself 'Just sit down'. It's a challenge," said Winslet.

'The Reader' star also says that she feels more confident now than she was in her 20s.

"I think that for a lot of women, our 20s are a time of really figuring things out and figuring out what we're really about. I'm really enjoying my 30s, actually. I have so much more life experience than I did when I was 25 and that's a real luxury," added Winslet.