London: Actress Katie Holmes is getting rid of daughter Suri's designer wardrobe as she wants the six-year-old girl to start dressing for her age.

Suri is known for her taste in expensive garments and a wardrobe worth USD 3 million, but Holmes wants her daughter to start dressing in a more conservative way, reported a website.

"Katie has been returning unsolicited gifts and loans from designers for Suri since she arrived in New York – which is to be her home base now, far away from Tom.

"She's issued instructions to remove Suri from all freebie lists. She's also put the word out in LA to stop any mini-me diva products being sent her way," a source said.

The 33-year-old actress, who was given primary custody of Suri in the couple's divorce agreement, is keen for the youngster to start leading a normal life.

"All that inappropriate dress up and make-up was down to Tom and Katie's key word now when it comes to Suri is normal. Tom loved to spoil Suri and indulge her, but Katie has other ideas," the sources added.


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