London: Model Katie Price, who has undergone at least three operations to get fuller breasts, has been blamed for a boom in the number of women wanting to undergo bust enhancement surgeries. A 10 percent rise in such surgeries has been seen in the last year, thanks to women wanting to go for oversized implants and at cheap foreign clinics, reports a website.

Plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge said, “There is the Jordan Syndrome, where some women want bigger and bigger breasts. The bigger they are, the more problems are likely to occur.”

“Some people have no idea who is treating them or the standards of the hospital equipment. Some implants are prone to failure. The cheap option is not always the best,” he added.

There were 206 breast enhancement disasters in 2010. Out of them, 153 of them were ruptures, health watchdogs revealed after a Freedom of Information request. This compares with 73 in 2006.

Patients have complained of wrinkled breast, painful swelling and implants that go stiff.

Celebrities who have suffered these include former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona, who had burst stitches around her implants in 2005. Actress Tara Reid was left with uneven breasts, scars and bumps.\