Not very long ago, Katrina Kaif wrote an open letter to the media following some leaked pictures of her. Interacting with the media after a long gap, she was expecting questions on her leaked bikini snaps with Ranbir Kapoor. She took the questions pretty calmly.

 “First thing I want to correct is that I was not upset with the media in general when I saw these particular images, I reacted honestly and immediately, “ Katrina said.

“I just felt it was a private moment so I reacted out of that context. You react in the moment and then you move on and then you learn from it,” Kat said, mentioning that she has been in the industry for almost a decade now and every incident is an experience.

She added, “In all these years I have been to Spain many times with my sisters and we had been visiting various beaches there. That was an off guard moment and it would have been nice if it’d been kept private. I don’t know who clicked the pictures so I cannot be upset with anyone,” before adding in a lighter vein, “Next time when something like this is going to happen please let me know so that I will make sure that I wear a matching bikini.”

On being asked whether she was single or not, she confirmed that she will be single till she gets married. “There are no marriage plans at the moment.”

A friendly suggestion

When Katrina’s Dhoom 3 co-star, Aamir Khan, was asked to comment on Salman Khan’s much-delayed wedding, he said that he himself has been trying to convince Sallu to get married for a long time. When further quizzed about the Salman-Katrina jodi, Aamir said, “I wish to see them together in real life but it is my wish and kehne mein kya jaata hai." To which Kat laughingly quipped, “May be after our film becomes successful we will have a huge party and there you can see us together.”

Courtesy: Mid-day

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