New Delhi: Enjoying the lion’s share in the country organized watch market, Titan Company has now decided to shift its focus on women consumer by focusing on the promotion of its range of watch called ‘Raga.’ Following which, Titan which has 70 percent sale in the watch market of India has roped in Bollywood star Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador.

Titan intends to take the sale of Raga to above 50 percent of its entire trading. Vice President Titan Ashok Chawla informed Danik Jagran, “The participation of women in the watch market is not even 40 percent and so there is a good amount of scope for increase.” As we know that watch has become an integral part of women accessories, our company has decided to go for this move, he added.

According to Chawla, purchasing watch is in trend and the company aims to cash in on this issue.

The seriousness of the company can be gauged from the fact that it is utilizing 90 percent of funds for advertisement on this particular brand.

With Katrina as brand ambassador, the company is totally focusing on its brand ‘Raga.’ In this regard, all the showrooms would give extra care to the presentation of ‘Raga’. Posters carrying images of Katrina advertising for the brand would be set up in the showrooms.  

The publicity campaign would first start in the print media and in next two months advertisements featuring Katrina would be seen in electronic media.

In the watch market, brand ‘Raga’ has increased by 27 percent in the past five years. In 2011-12, the brand sales touched to a whopping Rs 400 crore. A ‘Raga’ watch ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000.

(JPN/ Bureau)