Mumbai: These B-Town women salute the spirit of womanhood on International Women's Day on Tuesday. All of them attribute their growth as individuals and successes to their mothers.


A SPECIAL DAY: I feel every day is Women's Day but I am glad there's a particular day so we can remember all the important women in our lives and love them more on that day.
SPENDING IT: I don't have any special plans for the most important women in my life: mom (Babita) and sister Lolo (Karisma). I send mom a message almost everyday telling her how much she means to me. I don't think she expects me to pay her back but what she has given me is irreplaceable.

INSPIRATIONS: My mom has been my biggest influence and inspiration as a woman. Then there's my sister Karisma. I have been brought up in an all-women home and have always learnt from mistakes and experiences. All my dos and don'ts in life have been shaped by my mom and sister.

Mom stopped working before marriage because she wasn't fiercely ambitious like Karisma or me. She taught me to be the woman I am today.

As far as Lolo is concerned she is the reason why I joined movies. I have seen her mould herself from being a big star and actress to the most fantastic mom. She's a hands-on professional and mom who wakes up at 6 am to drop her children to school. As a child I always wanted to be like her. I trust her opinion on everything from little things to bigger decisions and relationships. Lolo is the closest to me.

STRENGTH OF A WOMAN: I feel being a woman we should have certain essential qualities ” perseverance, determination; women should be more loving. We should be working women as well as mothers. Though it's good to be strong and not be nervous about anything we shouldn't be too feminist in outlook. We should respect men as well.


A SPECIAL DAY: Though every day is a celebration of life for women, I feel Internationals Woman's Day is a special day too.

SPENDING IT: It's a day I would like to use to make the women in my life feel special. If I weren't working, I would also love to spend it with under privileged mothers and women and help them better their lives in every way possible.

I would have loved to spend today with mom and my sisters but they are not in town. Mom is working at her orphanage in Chennai. I will send her something.

INSPIRATIONS: I became closer to my mom and understood her more only as I became older. In my growing years, I was more inspired by models, firemen and pilots as I wanted to be a bit of everyone of them when I grew up. As I grew older, I got a lot more inspired by mom. She was a working woman and I would cry every time she would pack her bags to travel for work.

I have six sisters. They have all been inspiring to me in their own ways.  Each one is so different and so strong in their own ways and goals! Every time I need comfort when faced with a difficult situation, I look to them for support and inspiration.

STRENGTH OF A WOMAN: Every woman should possess kindness, the right values, loyalty, strength and the ability to not let anyone else let them down, no matter how tough the situation. Qualities I feel no women should have are jealousy and gossiping about everything. Find your own strength and use it to the best of your ability.


A SPECIAL DAY: I don't think we need a special day in a year to celebrate the fact that we are women. I actually believe we are the superior gender.. We are superior because we become mothers and there really isn't anything greater than that.

INSPIRATIONS: I grew up in a bustling household of women with my mom, granny and aunts, seeing all these strong women taking charge of their lives and living it to the fullest was a great inspiration for me while growing up.

The most lasting memory I have of my mom (Dimple Kapadia) is of her getting up at 5 am doing her Jane Fonda workout and working 3 shifts so that she could look after everyone. She's an amazing woman ,the kindest person I know and I aspire to have a heart even half as good as hers. The most precious gift my mom has given me, is that from the time i was a child, to this date, no matter what, I always knew she loved me.

STRENGTH OF A WOMAN: I think every woman should have the skills and confidence to be able to earn a living. A working woman is a happy woman because she has goals beyond just herself and her needs. The other qualities that a woman should have, is to be a balanced person, that pretty much covers it all.