London: Pop star Katy Perry has revealed that she finds reading difficult as she did not go to school much.

The 28-year-old singer's education suffered because she was brought up in a strict Christian household who did not believe in public education, reported a website.

"I have a problem in reading. I was not going to great schools, because my parents did not believe in public education. They wanted the education to be influenced by their religion, so I was going to these halfway education-slash-Christian schools that were like pop up shop style education," said Perry.

However, Perry, who moved back to Santa Barbara in California with her parents at the age of 10, doesn't have any regrets. She doesn't blame her parents and thanks her mother, Mary Hudson, for being a great teacher. “My mother went to a couple of girls' schools in Carmel and then went to Berkeley and studied abroad in Spain. She speaks French, she used to be a painter, but now she is just in the ministry. She used to be a reporter actually. She wanted to be Barbara Walters," she added.