Some simple and home-made remedies may help you fight the sizzling winter in a better and smarter way, try the following steps:

Hair can make or break your look. Generally, hair turns dry and brittle during winter. You can heal it by giving proper treatment and nourishment.

Giving hair a boiling hot shower may leave it dry. Make sure you wash your hair with lukewarm water for five minutes or less as long exposure to warm water may remove moisture from your hair.

Select your shampoo intelligently. The choice for your shampoo depends on the type of hair you have. Don't let your hair go alone with a shampoo and do condition it after wash for moisturisation.

While heading out for work, protect your hair from dry chilly winds by covering it with cap or a scarf.

Drink enough water to keep your hair hydrated. You can add more green vegetables and protien rich food to your diet to make your hair healthier.

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