Style in a way that expresses your personality. The most important thing is that you should wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. If you know you look good, it will put you at ease and help you to be yourself when you go out on a date, reports a website.

Celebrity stylist Katie Greengrass shares top style tips for a date:

1. Men: Ironing your clothes is important as creased sloppy styling makes it appear as if you haven't made an effort.

2. Women: Don't overdress. Towering heels and too much makeup might scare him off. Keep it simple and stylish.

3. Women: It's all about grooming. Good nails, nice hair, glowing skin, nice perfume, men appreciate the little things.

Men: Nicely cut and styled hair, a fresh aftershave and an overall well-groomed look.

4. Men: Go easy with the designer labels. If you're meeting her online you want to make sure she isn't after your wallet.

5. Men and women: Don't wear too many layers. The sweaty look won't do you any favour on the first date.


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