Be it brushes or the containers in which you keep your blush-on, lipstick or eyeshadow, make sure to clean them, says makeup expert Megha Puri.

Here are a few tips to maintain your makeup kit hygiene:-

- Take care of brushes: Brushes that are used to put colour on eyes, lips and cheeks, attract bacteria. Daily wash is not required but it should be done once a week. You just need a mild shampoo and a glass filled with water to remove the dirt. But dry them after washing as moisture is not good for makeup.

- Wash makeup containers: Use a piece of cloth soaked in mild shampoo to clean the containers. Do it once a month and keep them dry too.

- Replace mascara every three months: The eye makeup product attracts bacteria. Since it also dries up soon, it is best to buy a new one after every three months.

- Throw away old products: Check your kit after every six months and get rid of products that have crossed expiry date.


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