"AAP leader Kejriwal advertises his simplicity and when simplicity takes the form of advertising, it becomes a marketing strategy," Parrikar, who arrived here to take part in the BJP's Legal Cell programme said.
"At the age of 24, I became the youngest sangh chalak of the RSS. Being a part of the Sangh, simplicity has become a way of my life," Parrikar said.
As Kejriwal is new to politics, people should just observe him for the first three-four years, he said.

"At present, even Kejriwal is not aware about what type of people are associated with him," he remarked.
Referring to the AAP leader's stint as Delhi Chief Minister, he said, "Kejriwal has entertained people of Delhi for 49 days and now he is doing the same in Varanasi."
Criticizing Congress over the issue of corruption, Parrikar said during the UPA regime, scams worth Rs five lakh crore had taken place.

Comparing Congress with a water tank with a number of cracks at the bottom, he said, "In these elections, people have to cut the pipeline of this tank (Congress), so the people's money can be utilized for the nation's development."

The Goa Chief Minister claimed that after the Lok Sabha polls, Congress' strength in the Parliament will get reduced to just two digits.
"In order to hide its failure and divert people's attention from basic issues of development and corruption, Congress is focusing on personal issues, while AAP wanted to focus on slapping," Parrikar said.


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