Notwithstanding his confrontation with the Lt Governor over a number of contentious issues, Kejriwal said Jung's removal will not help as the 'real solution' lies in the Prime Minister's Office stopping 'interference' in Delhi's affairs.
"The Congress and the BJP both demanding Najeeb Jung's removal? Strange. Is he at fault? No. He is doing what PMO is asking him to do. Removing him will not help. His successor would also do the same if PMO kept interfering. Real solution is PMO should stop interfering in Delhi," the Delhi Chief Minister tweeted.
In another tweet, he said, "Najeeb Jung is a good man with bad political bosses." The Chief Minister's comments in support of Jung came a day after BJP MP Udit Raj demanded his 'removal' calling him a 'super king' who does not heed to views of elected representatives.
Raj was apparently angry with Jung for arresting three of his supporters for allegedly assaulting North West Delhi District Magistrate Sanjay Goel in outer Delhi's Kanjhawla area on Thursday. The MP accused police of acting under pressure from bureaucrats.

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